Yoga Workout Tips and Tricks

Yoga is the ancient practice of connecting mind, breath and body to find true health and well-being. While yoga dates back around 2,500 years, it is more popular now than ever, and there’s a good reason for it

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A Sequence for Muscular Imbalance

The multi-directional movement in this yoga sequence offers a distinct way for athletes to correct muscular and postural imbalances that result from overuse.

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Engaging the Locks (Bandhas)

introducing three body locks into simple poses, we encourage our students to move from a fitness-directed workout to a yoga-infused work-in

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Crocodile Pose

If this pose seems challenging, that’s because it IS! Here’s how we can cue Crocodile so our students enjoy its benefits without risk to the shoulder girdle.

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Focus on Pranayama in Asana

Incorporating conscious breathing into asana practice, you can help your students experience how it can support and enhance the effects of each posture.

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Tortoise Pose

Exploring poses that stretch our range of motion and challenge our strength can be great fun and can release deep-seated tension throughout the body.

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